jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

An Innovative Approach to Grocery Lists

List-oh  is an online/smartphone system for helping users plan and do their grocery lists. Contrary to existing systems, the approach of List-oh relies on integrating the shopping experience with a calendar and shopping is made easier by labeling each item as a weekly, once, reminder or sale entry.

List-oh believes that grocery lists should allow users to name their items at their own free will and collect all lists in a single application. Furthermore, users should not be limited to predefined lists and a group of definitions.

The quickest data entry tool, and probably the most comfortable, is undoubtedly the keyboard. That's why List-oh synchronizes all items inserted in the web with the ones in the mobile device.

In addition, List-oh allows users to label items in such a way that they are added to future lists automatically, without the need of recurrent input by the user.

Weekly Items
Probably the most common item, it is the one appearing in every week's shopping list. That's why whenever an item is labeled as "weekly" at the time of checkout, such item is automatically re-scheduled for the following week.

Just Once
These are items that are needed once in a while. Once checked-out, these items are deleted and removed from the list.

It refers to those less frequent occasions when an item needs to be scheduled for a specific future date; for example, buying the big fat turkey for Thanksgiving. For those situations, List-oh provides the option of setting an specific shopping time and day in advance, so that items are scheduled correctly.

Sale Event
A sale has a description that allows to specify the details of the sale. Those details could be instructions such as "buy 3 items for the price of 2", or "get the second unit for half of the original price". For sale items, List-oh includes a text box for users to write notes.